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September 8, 2007

To: <$firstname$>

From: Barbara Rozgonyi

RE: What’s M_ss_ng in Your M_rk_t_ng?

Hope your September’s
off to a rousing start.

As we wrap up the third
quarter, now’s a good time
to get in shape for the 2007 kick-off.

So, let’s take a quick
marketing pulse check,
okay <$firstname$>?

Rate the following from
1 (totally disagree) –
5 (completely agree).

Here we go:

1. Our sales are on track.

2. Our clients tell us they love us.

3. Our marketing investments
have a high rate of return.

4. We know what works and
we know what we’re doing.

5. We survey our clients regularly
to find out how we can serve them better.

6. We partner with other companies
and organizations to promote our
companion’s message and receive
referrals in return.

7. We send video email and
post videos on our site.

8. We have more than one URL
to target audiences and pick
up search engine traffic.

9. We memorize our keywords
and use them in all of our
marketing efforts.

10. Our pages rank high in
Google searches.

11. We communicate where our
clients get their information –
on cell phones and computer screens.

12. Our direct mail postcard
campaigns out perform our expectations.

13. Our client’s testimonials support
our branding and our key client objectives.

14. We have a core team of inside
and outsourced key communicators.

15. Our logo identity is strong and effective.

16. Our communications refresh and
remix every day – or at least once a week.

17. We track our media hits and can
tick off the stats without looking them up.

18. Our press releases reach journalists,
search engines, trade publications
and consumers.

19. We know where we’re going
and we know how to get there.

20. We engage a trusted marketing
advisor to help us leap across the
internal chasms and external boundaries
we can’t see or vault over on our own.

Since school’s back in session,
let’s go with a familiar scoring system:

A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69

So, how’d you do, <$firstname$>?

Even if you didn’t keep score,
I hope this quiz stirred your thinking –
and your actions.

Now that your brain is spinning,
take a moment to hit reply
and tell me about your
biggest marketing challenge.

And, if you’re really feeling
woozy, we’ll mix up the
perfect creative cocktail
for you.

Order yours now:

The Marketing Transformations
Process Express Route is a
super quick fix to up to five
of your most pressing
marketing challenges.

Priced at $597 and packaged
with some preliminary course
work, the express route
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barriers you’re staring at
now with the know-how
and action plan you need to
get to the next level.

Here’s how it works:
a. you decide to take the express route
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b. you enter your credit card number
c. your order goes through
d. you download a client profile
e. you fill it out and send it back
f. we schedule a time to talk
g. we talk – for two hours
h. the call is recorded
i. you implement the

Take the express route
before September 15 and
I’ll give you a year’s worth
of free video email,
a $120.00 value.

And, I’ll make a $50
contribution in your name
to Bridge Communities
a 4 star charity on

Get ready for your 2007 kick off now:

See you on the practice field~


P.S. Talk to me – type what’s on
your mind in response to my
post on our interactive blog:

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