Are You a Marketing Genius?

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September 15, 2006

Hey there <$firstname$>:

Hope this Friday finds you
celebrating a productive week.

How did you feel when you
read today’s subject line?

This week, let’s talk about
how to become a
marketing genius.

You have two routes, <$firstname$>:
outsource your marketing
to a trusted advisor or
study how to become a
marketing genius
on your own.

Marketing IQ Boost #1

Big Seminar 8 in Atlanta
on October 27-30

Want to hear from the
Who’s Who in Internet

Then you need to be at
Big Seminar 8.

I’ll be there and I want you to join me.

Purchase your $1997 Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 8 ticket through
and I’ll give you a check for
$500 to help cover your airfare
and hotel when I see you in Atlanta.
Go for the connections,
the content, the free lunches,
amazing speakers and
the energy boost.

Sign up soon – this one is on
its way to being sold out!

Studying and accomplishing
any skill takes time, effort and
sometimes money.

But you know that, <$firstname$>.

Because it’s always evolving
and there are so many
fascinating facets,
studying and implementing
marketing can easily
become a part-time job.

Here’s how I decide what to study:

*Who do you want to hear from?
Once you find a leader you like,
follow them and
read everything
they write.
It’s easier to stick with
one system than to try to
fuse many pieces together.
Right now, I’m using Codename Catalyst
for my Panoramic PR launch.

*What do you need to know?
Tie this one to your goals:
build brand awareness,
drive sales, etc.
As an AM2Gold member,
I’m immediately connected
with other Internet-based
business owners and joint
venture opportunities, which
fulfills my goal to develop an
information product sector.

*When do you need the
Timing is everything.
Although some decisions
can be made in a few
minutes, larger initiatives
require days or months
worth of research.
Learn what you need to
know before your need it.

*Where do you want to
get the knowledge?
Options here range from
a few hours with an
expert to seminars to
reading articles online.
RSS feeds consolidate
all I want to know in
one place at Google
reader. By the way,
our blog now has an
RSS email feed. Enter
your email address and
you’ll get our posts as soon
as they go up. Sign up at

Marketing IQ Boost #2:
Virtual Seminar Week
November 10-17
Live at <$firstname$>’s House

With an astounding 35 speakers
lined up, you can listen only
to those you like or dial in
for them all – plan to take
the week off with
the latter option.

Because the tuition fee is under
$100 and there’s no travel
required, this boost
is a bargain.

Check out the speaker line up
on my blog at:

Or go directly to the site
and claim your $50 savings at

*Why are you motivated to learn?
Having a purpose makes for
a more enjoyable experience.
Taking Teleseminar Secrets
showed me how to set up
and run a successful new business.
Completing the National Speakers
Association Candidate University
equipped me with skills and
contacts in professional
speaking circles.

*How will you use your
newfound knowledge?
Before your sign up for
any course, listen to a
teleseminar or even
read an article online,
be sure that knowing
this information will
take you towards your
goal and is relevant to
your overall business plan.

If you need more
information on either
of the Marketing Boosts
we mentioned today,
send me an email.

Post a comment on our
blog at:

Here’s to finding your
true marketing genius,



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