Meet the Mother of List Building


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October 20, 2006

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From: Barbara Rozgonyi

RE: Meet the Mother of List-Building

If you’re into Internet marketing,
or any marketing for that matter,
you know you need to have a list.

Ideally, your list is responsive,
targeted, active and interested
in what you have to offer,
whether it’s a product,
information or a community

List-building is a red-hot topic
in the Internet marketing arena.

‘List Building Intensive (LBI) –
covers the keystone to making
Internet marketing work:
building a loyal list of repeat
buyers,’ I wrote in a press
release to publicize Harris
Fellman’s interviews with
Matt Bacak, Ric Thompson &
Chris Atwood, Patric Chan,
Tellman Knudson, Craig Perrine,
Keith Wellman and Dan Kuschell.

Saavy Internet marketers immediately
recognize these names as top experts
with best-selling information products.

But there’s a mother of five who sings
opera that has her own recipe for
building a responsive list . . .
her name is Liz Ryan.

If you’ve never heard of Liz Ryan,
chances are good that you’re a guy.

Seven years ago, Liz started a petite
online networking group called
ChicWIT – short for Chicago Women
Insights Technology – with a stack
of business cards she had in her desk.

Over time, Liz’s little list grew into
WorldWIT, an online powerhouse with
40,000 members in 25 countries
connected by 75 local communities.

Liz grew her list without
online sales letters,
joint venture partners,
and get this –
no product.

How did she do it?

By making a place for women
to communicate with each other
online about work, life and
everything in between.

Talk about viral marketing.

Each community’s conversation
is driven by its member’s posts.

Today’s ChicWIT posts cover a
typical digest’s gamut:
reply to a Bradley method
instructor in Chicago;
save the date for Camp
WorldWIT 2007; seeking
wedding dress seamstress;
bathroom fixtures and
furniture for sale;
job postings for a director
of a global supply chain and
a network engineer;
car recos; and 6 comments
on the Dove ad.

To find a WorldWIT chapter
in your area and see what
your colleagues are talking
about, visit

Liz was in town on Thursday
for a West Suburban Women
Entrepreneurs event.

She spoke about ‘How to Build
a Business Around Your Dream.’

I met Liz at Camp WorldWIT
in May 2005. The first thing she
said to me was, ‘I hear you’re
an amazing speaker.
We’re so glad to have you

What a welcome to walk into.

When we reconnected on Thursday,
I was the one who was ready to
compliment Liz and sit back for
another round of inspiration,
insights and empathy.

Speaking to a room packed with
women entrepreneurs, Liz covered
the values women have to offer in the
marketplace, why women need to
charge more, the 5 people you must
have in your business circle
(CPA, IT, marketing/PR, HR
and lawyer) and why she’s
Happy About Online Networking,
the title of her new book.

Liz was gracious enough to pose
for a photo with me and
Kristin Aasmundstad Walsh,
owner of KAW Marketing
Communications, a WSWE member.
You can see it on my blog at

When I heard Liz talk about
networking at Camp WorldWIT,
I asked her how she organized
her contacts. She suggested
Sign up and invite me to
join your network – you’ll
be linked into over 208,000
people in my network.

Interested in meeting more
online marketers – in person?
Why not join me at Big Seminar
next week? Get a $600 rebate
off of your admission when
you sign up at

Already have a ticket? Let’s talk
when we get there: email me or
call me on my mobile at
630.207.7530. Look for me
in the AM2Gold crowd,
Armand Morin and Alex
inner Internet

Talk to you from Atlanta next time~


P.S. I’ll be blogging live from
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