Experts Question Oprah & Larry King on “The Secret”

Update and insight 5.03.07

Because Dave Lakhani agreed to be my first Ultimate PR Secrets speaker, when I saw his press release about “The Truth is the Secret,” I decided to write a post. I came up with the catchy title “Experts Question Oprah and Larry King on ‘The Secret.'” Here we are six weeks later and traffic is still flowing in. Today, this post is 3/625,000 Google results for larry king and oprah and the secret. And, 1/1,120,000 for oprah larry king 2007. So . . . thanks for stopping by and feel free to browse around a bit and check out the links below. You may also want to visit The Truth is Secret where you can download the recording.


Before I saw “The Secret,” I read two excellent books about persuasion and influence that talk about how to take action to get what you want. The authors, Kevin Hogan and Dave Lakhani, will be talking about their take on “The Secret” on Wednesday, March 21. Having interviewed Dave Lakhani on PR and Persuasion, I know this will be an intriguing discussion. Here’s a clip from The Truth is the Secret‘s PR Web press release:

The movie and book taking the nation by storm “The Secret” has met with few challenges to it’s message of “Your thoughts attract everything in your life.” And, while the idea sounds innocuous and seems like just more self help pop psychology, no one is asking the hard questions like “where’s the proof?” This Wednesday March 21st at 9:00pm, Eastern psychologist and author Dr. Kevin Hogan, cult and persuasion expert Dave Lakhani and Television Producer and Persuasion expert Blair Warren are hosting an international round table to discuss the issues and the challenges with The Secret.


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