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kirk-and-warren.jpgChances are good that we’ll remember Warren’s role as a gingerbread child in the

DuPage Opera Theater’s production of Hansel and Gretel for years – maybe forever. To cap off the three nights of performances, Warren and 24 other members of the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus concert chorus performed for 1800 other school kids. That’s a lotta kids . . .

The show is over, but even the rehearsals were fun.  After the rehearsals, Warren often came home talking about “Kirk.” After meeting “Kirk” in person, reading his bio and seeing the maestro interact with the actors and his audience, it’s no wonder Kirk Muspratt was selected as one of the Chicago Tribune’s Classical Music Persons of the Year.    

Okay, enough from a proud parent who duly thanks Mr. Muspratt for taking the time for this picture and for inspiring Warren.

PR Takeaways, what works and why:

– a pre-concert warm-up speech introduced the audience to the artistic concepts and influences, including Toy Story [Pixar meets literature meets opera] and brings them into the production before the first note is played

– including others in the warm-up speech rounded out the production and added dimension

– introducing the audience to first the main actors, then the ballerinas and then the entire cast in the course of two intermissions and an after-show reception added to the audience experience with new understandings [like the ballerinas practice 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and many of the main characters live somewhere else] that personalized the experience, based on the patron’s question

– prepping and coaching every performer with questions to initiate conversations equipped even the youngest performers with confidence to engage in multiple conversations during intermission and at any social gathering

Buoyed with confidence, Warren tried out for I Remember Mama last night. Just got the call that he made call backs . . . 


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