Happy Birthday to Joan Stewart | Publicity Hound | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Update: If you’re reading this after February 10, the offer is now over.

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, celebrated her birthday on February 5. In honor of her special day, I’m posting the Joan Stewart Ultimate PR Secrets replay online until February 10.

After you listen to this call with Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, you’ll be all set to plug in a ready-made publicity plan and get going.

Here are the questions Joan answered:

– How can I become an expert in my field?

– Is there an easy way to begin a PR campaign?

– When you make contact with a journalist, what is the
Number One thing they are looking for?

– Is there ever an instance when we will be writing
articles ourselves instead of having reporters write them?

– What kinds of articles do we want to write?

– What’s a quick, easy way to get into big magazines?

– What are some really fun things we can do for publicity?

– Should I take a reporter out to lunch?

– How important are press releases and is there any fast way
we can learn how to write them so that they result in free publicity?

– What tips do you have for creating publicity online?

At the end of the call, Joan gives out a way to get 50%
off of any of her products. But, you have to listen to
the replay to know how to take advantage of the offer.

Update: for more information about Joan and her products,  visit The Publicity Hound‘s site.

Thanks for listening!


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