PR Web Reports: Actual Reads, Statistics, Visits and Search Terms


Click on the image to read today’s PR Web reports for our Ultimate PR Secrets press release. PR Web’s report contains some valuable information – like the top search engine terms used to find this release.

You, too, can get a report like this for every PR Web press release you send out. But, first you’ll need to invest $200 in the distribution and reporting features, both features you won’t get with a free service.

Here’s how I interpret the report:

– number of reads, 79,699, an estimate of the number of screens where the release appeared – this doesn’t mean any of the browers actually stopped to read it. Snaring a skimmer’s attention with a catchy or controversial headline contributes to a higher pick-up rate . . .

– the estimated pick -up for this one, 1197, gives me an idea of how many outlets covered this story. To get a reality check on the numbers, I set up a Google Alert with the headline and I search multiple ways to see where the release landed. When a find the release posted somewhere, I immediately contact the blogger or website contact to thank them. Google Alerts report back to me whenever the story is picked up. Many of the “outlets” are pseudo-news sites set up on Ad Sense templates.

– prints – only 6 readers printed out the story

– pdf downloads – 53 people downloaded the release – many Internet PR pros say this is the only statistic that matters

Overall, here’s how our PR Web results stack up in terms of average results:

– estimated pick up ranges from a low of 1.5% of reads to a high of 7.6%

– .pdf downloads range from .01% to almost 1%

– number of site visits averages about 1.5% of total reads, depending on the release and the call to action

Keeping in mind this release went out just about a month ago and comparing it to trends from our other PR Web releases, I expect the number of views to top 100,000 by April.

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