CES Sears Blue Blogger Crew Day One Recap

This report comes to you directly from Las Vegas where I’m attending the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show as a member of the Sears Blue Blogger Crew.

Today we attended press conferences by Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. But before we could do that, I had to get into the show.

Thanks so much to Jody of Euro RSCG for staying with me as we kept checking in at registration desk after registration desk only to find out that I couldn’t register there, but would have to go someplace else.

After seven attempts, we got to the right place. And, my registration badge wouldn’t print. “You are an anomaly,” the IT manager said. “Can I blog that?” I laughed. He clarified he didn’t mean me, he meant my credentials.

After I got my credentials, we got in line for the Samsung conference. Packed wall to wall with no seats on the floor, I hung out at the back of the room and tweeted this one. I couldn’t get an internet connection to live blog as planned.

The crowded room did give the presentation a sense of importance and later a TV reporter on the shuttle bus told me they couldn’t even get in.

Each press conference lasted about 45 minutes with new product announcements and previews of prototypes from key executives. We had seats for both Panasonic and Sony.

So what’s hot at CES 2011?

With an estimated 20,000 new product launches being announced, there’s so much to follow that you can’t possibly keep up with it all.

Yet, themes are starting to emerge – about the products and the conference.

Watch out for these two characters in front of TVs, phones, video cameras, still cameras and laptops: 3D. It’s here to stay.

Laptops are so early 2000s. Most of the folks on my flight had Kindles, iPads and netbooks. And even at CES, I may have been one of the few toting a 15” MacBook Pro, which was de rigueur as recently as last fall.

Cameras, both digital and video, are masterpiece makers. Yes, you need an artistic eye to make art, but anyone can get phenomenal resolution and results at under $300..

Android’s Gingerbread platform is the must-have for phones here. Tall and slim is the way to go.

Connectivity, in the form of all devices seamlessly integrating together, is the future. Do you think social media is nudging this trend?

The vibe here this year is different one veteran CES attendee told me. How I asked? “Because of people like you,” was the answer I got. More people who like technology and enjoy being plugged in, versus being true hard wired technology fans, are here this year.

IF this is a future trend, I’m all for it. How about you?

Wired PR Works CES 2011 is brought to you by Sears Electronics. Thanks so much to Sears for covering my hotel, travel, incidentals and for the shiny new Sony Bloggie camera – more on that later.

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