Pitching in a Pandemic COVID-19 PR Coronavirus Tips

It’s a challenging time in so many ways, yet crisis communications is a place where PR people can shine a light. For businesses, organizations, and people, now is not the time to sit out in a PR quarantine. People are listening, especially for good news. So let’s get more out there!

Thanks to my friend, Amy Hesser, for taking the time to talk PR peer to peer about how COVID-19 is changing the PR business.

PR Pro Guide to Pitching in a Pandemic During COVID-19 Coronavirus

A few takeaways from our chat:

Send your pitch in on a silver platter, ready to go with images and video

Understand that reporters are working from home with limited resources

Don’t quarantine your PR – get your story out in the open

Think about tone – be empathetic and caring

Giveback stories are good

Get media training before you go live on radio or video

Produce in-house stories as a podcast newscast

Share hope and be hope full!

Amy Hesser, CEO Hesser Communications Group

As a former broadcast journalist, Amy leverages her media insider insights to empower the people and organizations she works to gain top tier exposure in outlets ranging from The Today Show, to The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Prior to founding Hesser Communications Group, Amy was Vice-President and Director of Media Relations at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide where she led the company’s Chicago Technology Practice.

Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO CoryWest Media

Barbara launched CoryWest Media, a woman-owned business named in honor of her mother and grandmother, as a way to connect the dots between people, stories, and action. Clients range from SMBs to Fortune 500 who want to attract attention, build brands, grow business, and click with crowds. An original digital marketing thought leader, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008. She loves to develop customized trainings, courses, and presentations – live and virtually – for people, companies, and events. PR is a thread that weaves every project together. In 2006, she began publishing wiredprworks.com, an award-winning blog mentioned in the first edition of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” She lives in Charlotte, NC where she loves to capture photographs of southern living to share on Instagram.

How about you? What’s your biggest COVID-19 coronavirus PR challenge?

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