Back to School PR for Parents

When the teaching team, parents and students share future goals and a vision, the experience is bound to be more enriching for everyone.

The kids are back. The house is quiet. The homework starts. The parent/teacher communication dance begins. Now is the time to set up your expectations for your child this year.

It’s as simple as sending an email outlining your goals and letting the teachers know you plan to and want to be an extension of their teaching team by supporting their classroom’s goals at home.

For the first time, I wrote a bio for each of our three kids and sent it to the teachers.

One of our three, I won’t say who, was concerned the teachers weren’t impressed by their intelligence yet.

Well, hey, have you turned in any homework?

But, this one did have a point.

The teachers didn’t know about our family or our expectations.

So, I decided to lay it all out – the past grades, accomplishments, awards, activities, even a mini mom/dad bio – in a kind of getting to know you way. Some teachers require this assignment from the parents.

Why not let them know who they’re working with and what you want to get out of the relationship – at least a B, the honor roll, honors classes in high school, better socializing, spelling proficiency, a 6 minute mile?

One teacher emailed back within a few hours to let me know they knew our child wasn’t being challenged enough in their classroom.

That gave me a great excuse to follow up and let them know about this child’s career aspirations.

I felt, bold, confident and part of the team.

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