Twitter Bootcamp for Beginners Speaker Presentation

I’m so honored that Ragan Communications asked me to present twitter 101 for corporate communicators at their twitter bootcamp last week.

And, I’m so relieved I asked about skill levels at the beginning of the presentation. That’s something I do at the beginning of every presentation. You should, too. Knowing how the room breaks out gives us a collective feel for how the presentation should flow. In this case, almost 60% of the group considered themselves beginners. A few people didn’t have a twitter profile yet. For them, starting at the very beginning, was just right.

Although I considered this to be too simplistic and basic for my Social Media Club Chicago colleagues in the audience, I recruited them to be my “back up singers” and chime in with experiences and tips of their own.

All in all, the presentation was a success. That’s the word from the attendees. Here it is for you to preview and comment on what’s missing, what you like and what could be better from a visual standpoint. If you’re looking for a Chicago social media or twitter bootcamp speaker for a small business, entrepreneur or corporate audience, give me a call at 630-207-7530. Training, teaching, motivating and inspiring others is built-in to every presentation. Thanks for your thoughts and comments on this one.

Oh, yes – the picture. Relaxing over dinner on the board walk, I asked these two women what they were doing. When I found out they were on twitter, I asked them if I could take a picture of them and the bird that was eating their fries. They agreed. 🙂 Enjoy!

Two women twitter as a bird finishes their fries
Two women twitter as a bird finishes their fries

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