Marketing Articles: 40 ways to Repurpose with Purpose


Depending on where you stand and look at “The Bean” in Chicago, you’ll see different reflections. [image credit: the social lens] The skyline is the same, but the sky and the people are different. Content works the same way. You produce it and it’s up to the reader or viewer to take it and reflect on how it looks to them. In June 2007, I wrote an article called “Recycling PR: 30 Ways to Repurpose/Reincarnate/Reuse Product Information, Marketing and Publicity Articles”

Today, we’ll fold social media into the mix. Find out how to reduce your writing workload with 40 ways to repurpose, reincarnate and reuse existing articles or information to save you time and build your brand.

Choose just a few of these ways to recycle your writing and you’ll expand your reach with minimal effort. And the next time you start to write a signature piece, pull out this list so you can write with the future in mind.

Article Marketing: 40 Ways to Repurpose with Purpose

Whether you publish a blog or an ezine – or even host a web site, writing about what you do is a requirement. And, the more you write, the more fresh content you create, which keeps the search engine’s love affair with your work going.

But, sometimes writing can be a chore. Coming up with a brilliant masterpiece every week is challenging even for the most talented writers.

Because you want your writing to be relevant and interesting, it makes sense to think about the article’s afterlife beyond the single blog post or the ezine article.

You may have a few signature articles right now that people request or read over and over again. If not, think about the most common questions you get, answer them and turn the dialogue into an article.

1. Vary the length from a short description to a white paper
2. Set up a Google AdWords campaign and give it away in exchange for email addresses
3. Send the ezine article to your list
4. Submit to article directories
5. Post to your blog
6. Add to your site in an articles section
7. Include testimonials from customers about how the article helped them
8. Mention the article in forums with a link to the location
9. Collect a series of articles for your book
10. Share the article with friends
11. Distribute the article at networking events and trade shows
12. Turn it into a white paper and offer it for free on your site
13. Tie the article into today’s news and send out a news release
14. Add a link to the article on your professional online profiles
15. Refresh the tone and update it annually, quarterly or even monthly
16. Slightly shift the focus to appeal to a different audience
17. Build an AdWords sub-site around on the article
18. Condense and send on a postcard
19. Add on to a trilogy or a series of articles as in serial novels
20. Search for similar topics and suggest your article to site hosts or bloggers
21. Offer to contribute the article to lifestyle publications
22. Record the article as an mp3
23. Produce a simple video with you reading the article for Google Video and YouTube
24. Add a link to the article in your email signature
25. Extend the article into a book
26. Ask others to comment on your article and include their quotes
27. Apply your findings and publish a case study
28. Submit to an industry trade publication
29. Follow up with a prospect
30. Use in an advertorial
31. Excerpt in LinkedIn updates
32. Reference in LinkedIn profile
33. Quote in LinkedIn answers
34. Use as a platform for discussion in LinkedIn groups
35. Include as reference for new connections
36. Pull out key points and post each one as a twitter update
37. Share the link and the summary with friends on Facebook
38. Target newsletter and blog editors to republish
39. Create a “best of” list and include your article
40. What would you add?

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