Marketing Basics-5 Steps Before ABC and 123

Summer wildflowers bloom in a hillside skirt of an historic high school. Image credit:
Summer wildflowers bloom in a hillside skirt of an historic high school.

ABC 123 It’s time to head back to school. Do you know your marketing ABCs and 123s? [It is okay if you play the video while you read the post. :)]

What Comes before A-B-C and 1-2-3? The Basics of Marketing Maneuvers
First published in May 2007, this article talks about basic marketing maneuvers. Updated and reformatted, this post is open to your insights. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

When you explain the way things work in simple, basic and easy to understand language, you keep prospects engaged and on track to buy. Starting with the basics is an approach that works for all marketers, especially entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers.

Step One: Take Baby Steps in Their Shoes, Not Yours
Break down your product or service into a sequence of small steps keeps people interested and coming back, especially when you talk about it from their perspective and not yours. Ask your best customers about how they use your product or service and then use their language to talk to new audiences.

Step Two: Tone Up Relationships by Tuning In
Outlining the preliminary who, what, when, where, why and how gives you and them a quick overview of how the relationship works. If you’re promoting a product that requires using technical terminology, give your prospects a reference glossary or index of terms. Talking over their heads or in techno-terms will turn them off.

Step Three: Multiply Delivery, Length and Media
For visual learners, plot out a flow chart or track a timeline. Videos and audios deliver a multi-media experience. Use the same content and deliver it in different mediums. A free introduction guide can be expanded into a longer how-to-guide or a home-study course.

Step Four: Let Them Try on Success Stories

Explaining details in a case study allows you to subtlety promote benefits as a learning experience. Quizzes let browsers decide whether or not they need your service, which pre-qualifies your prospects for you.

Step Five: Go Back Before Pre-School
Think you’re being too basic? Ask people what they don’t know and then gauge your conversation to exactly fit their learning level. Think: pre-school/intro, elementary/basic, high school/intermediate and college/advanced.

Where are you in your social media and marketing learning levels? What can I teach you that you want to know more about?

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