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IMG_2699In this picture, I’m smiling at an authentic Chicago Italian beef joint with Marc Harty. We met for the first time a few years ago when I won a contest to be Marc’s guest at an Internet marketing seminar. We’re both Illinois grads, we both like Italian beef and we both have a passion for helping people get their news out and rank higher in the search engines.

When Marc asked me to review his new product: Online PR Made Easy, I downloaded the files with a critical eye. After all, I teach online public relations and my company provides these types of services for clients.

Online PR Made Easy Overview
Current Price: $97.00, set to increase, includes 25% lifetime discount
Ratio of Value to Investment: High
Recommended for: beginners and anyone who wants to save research time – Marc’s done most of it for you, including running down specialty distribution services and ranking free or low-cost distribution resources.

Critical Review of Online PR Made Easy from an Experienced Perspective

What could Marc say that I didn’t know already? [Disclosure: Marc gave me a complimentary review copy, but did not require a review or payment. The links to the product in this post are all affiliate links. I will receive a commission if you buy this product using my affiliate URL. If you do, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of my Ultimate PR Secrets interview with Marc Harty, a $49 value, for free.]

Pre-product: Marc went all the way to England to get video for the “London Chronicles” pre-launch blog promo portion of the product launch. While I don’t think a trip across the pond adds to the value of the product, it’s interesting to watch Marc on camera. He’s an engaging storyteller and if you haven’t been to England, you’ll enjoy the scenery. Plus, it shows the level of commitment and detail Marc puts into not only promoting, but producing and presenting, his products.

You won’t have to guess what you get when you order this one. Although Marc’s already upgraded the product since I reviewed the launch version, here are a few modules I liked that stand out:

Insta-Coaching Step by Step Online PR Video Tutorials Demonstrate How-to
Press Release Success
Newswire Selection
Press Release Distribution
Metrics & Tracking

Optimized Templates: The 20-Minute Press Release Fills in the Blanks
New Product Template
Event Template
Expert Authority Template

Ultimate Newswire Directory Sorts out Distribution Options
Directory Tour
Specialty Newswires
Specialty Newswire Tour
Geo Targeted Newswires
Geo Targeting Exercise
Social Media Newswires

Online PR Made Easy Process Maps Chart Out Checkpoint Systems
OPME process maps, or flowcharts, include:
1) Press Release Creation
2) Press Release Distribution
3) Press Release Metrics and Tracking

Clearly laid out, these flowcharts help with planning and tracking.


There are a few areas I would build on, but given that this is more of an introductory package that even more advanced users can learn from, I think it’s definitely worth $97.00 [price subject to increase]. Maybe you have the money, but do you have the time? Marc’s done such a thorough job with video, special reports and templates that you’ll want to study the course to make sure everything sinks in. The good news is once you own the course, you can keep studying. If you’re pressed for time or you’re not good at do-it-yourself communications projects, this may not be the product for you. But, if you’re willing to learn, you’ll get fill in the blank templates, video tutorials, insider tips and shortcuts that will save you more than $97.00 [price subject to increase].

My Online PR Made Easy Review on Marc’s Site . . .

When Marc Harty asked me to review his new product: Online PR Made Easy, I opened the files with a critical eye. After all, I teach online public relations and my company provides these types of services for clients. What else could I learn? Having learned some valuable tips when I interviewed Marc for Ultimate PR Secrets, I looked forward to finding out.

With Online PR Made Easy, Marc easily conveys the essential success elements for beginners. And, he reveals some hidden gems that even the most seasoned PR pros will appreciate. For example, Marc’s list of specialty newswires is one I’m looking forward to testing out. PR pros looking to break into social media will want to study Marc’s take on this topic.

With detailed process maps, tutorials and templates, publicity seekers at all levels will find it easy to write and send optimized press releases. Considering that many companies often invest $200 on distribution alone, Online PR Made Easy is a well-priced investment in better online PR performance.

Check out Online PR Made Easy at

Have a question about how online PR can dramatically improve your visibility and search results? Let’s talk in the comment box or call me at 630.207.7530.

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