Make Up Your Mind to Make Some News

One way to get attention is to talk in new places. That’s what guest posting is all about. Here’s a post that first appeared two years ago today on Word Sell Inc.

Thanks to Brad Shorr for letting me sit in as a guest author with an article called “Make Up Your Mind to Make Some News.”

Here’s an excerpt . . .

While writing a press release is not rocket science, the effects you get from releasing one can propel your visibility from obscurity to getting noticed almost overnight – especially when you distribute your news online.

How to Make News Checklist

Who is the story about?
Hint: your clients or your market first, then you.

What is the issue or problem that needs to be solved?
Make a list of how you save the world, stop pain, cut costs or add value.

When – is there an event, an anniversary, a national observance?
Tie into something bigger than you.

Where is the story taking place?
Locally – let your local reporters know you’re an expert
Industry-wide – talk to your association publication about writing a feature story
Nationally – release your story via an online distribution service like PR Web

Why does this story matter – to reporters, consumers, the public?
You have to be able to explain your answer this question. If you can’t, your story isn’t newsworthy.

How will you call for action?

You need a call to action to measure results and inspire movement. Offer a free white paper, a complimentary analysis or subscription to an information source.

What about you . . .

How do you fit public relations into your marketing plans?

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