Super Bowl Mobile Social Media Users Stats #SB48


Could you watch the Super Bowl, aka #SB48, without your iPhone, smartphone or tablet? For most people, the answer is no.

The majority (53%) of smartphone and tablet users surveyed felt that there would be some critical uses for their devices during the Super Bowl.” 

Source: SOASTA, a leader in cloud testing, and provider of stats in a Super Bowl Second Screen survey.

How do you define “critical uses” of your mobile phone during the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Second Screen Social Media User Stats

Thirty-one percent said that using social media apps and websites would be the most critical use of their smartphone or tablet, followed by tracking the game (22%) as well as following game and player statistics (17%). More stats . . .

59% of smartphone and tablet owners plan on using mobile apps during this year’s Super Bowl

27% will use social media apps like Facebook and twitter

Other app uses:

  • Sports (15%)
  • News (13%)
  • Video (12%)
  • Food delivery (6%)
  • Gambling (5%)
  • Fantasy Football (5%)
  • Dating (4%)
  • Ordering food (12%)
  • Games (e.g. Angry Birds, Candy Crush) (11%)
  • Checking work email (11%)
  • Visiting team websites (10%)
  • Tracking fantasy football (7%)

69% of millennial women will use apps to multi-task on their smartphones and tablets during the big game

15% of male millennials will use dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid

SOASTA commissioned the Super Bowl Second Screen Study to raise awareness around the peak traffic and high download rates expected during the U.S.’s most watched sporting event of the year. This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of SOASTA 2,035 adults aged 18 and older.

How about you – how will you be using your mobile device during the Super Bowl?


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