Who Won the Social Media Super Bowl? #SB48 Stats and Infographic


Touted as what might be the greatest matchup in NFL history, #SB48 was kind of a yawner.

It turns out that charging dramatically onto the field led by a white horse was all the bravado the Broncos brought to the game. Good thing we had the ads to keep us entertained.

Do you agree with the New York Times?

The Super Bowl ads were warm and fuzzy. And, let’s just say that Twitter and Facebook were the only places to be this year. That didn’t stop me from posting to Instagram with food pictures, like this one of guacamole ingredients.

Since many of us had checked out Super Bowl ad preview sites before the game, it was up to the football players and social media to put on the show.

Congrats to all the Seattle Seahawks fans on a resounding victory!

Confession: Please forgive me and everyone else who turned off the Super Bowl and turned on Downton Abbey at 8:00cst.

Don’t you love this Super Bowl XLVIII infographic?

Thanks to Lambert, Edwards & Associates, Infegy and Social Radar for the stats. More than 39.5 million Super Bowl conversations happened in social media. Check the end of the post for more study results.

Here’s a totally unofficial Super Bowl ad awards list. Enjoy and please share your awards in the comments section.

Hillary Clinton Wins Super Bowl MVP Retweet Award


Wow! 55,247 retweets and almost 40,000 favorites – way to go, Hillary!

According to USA TodayAt first glance it was unclear as to the intention of Clinton’s tweet. But, Clinton’s press secretary Nick Merrill clarified in an e-mail that it was indeed a joke. “It was good-natured, light-hearted, and self-deprecating,” Merrill said.

#BrandBowl Super Bowl Ad Winners

Thanks to the folks at Boston.com for the release about #BrandBowl and the Super Bowl social media stats they shared. Here’s their overview . . .

Puppies, clydesdales, soldiers and pop culture icons from the 80s dominated this year’s Brand Bowl. Budweiser made a late rally with a strong fourth quarter performance to pull away as overall winner and the most talked about Super Bowl ad of 2014. Radio Shack took home the most loved category with appearances by ALF, Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou and a cast of characters from the 1980s. In a shocking turn of events, the Twitter world was not a fan of The Muppets during the Toyota ad, pulling in 58% of negative sentiment to top all others for this year’s loser. Fozzy would not be happy.

Audi Wins for Most Playing on the Most Fields

According to AdWeek, Audi’s Super Bowl plans were extensive, including a 60-second spot and a social media war room on both coasts. The carmaker’s efforts also include Snapchat while teaming up with The Onion, Adweek has learned, to produce humorous “snaps” all day Sunday. What did you think of Audi’s campaign?

JC Penney Wins for Most Fumbled Tweets

Well, that’s what happens when you’re wearing mittens.


What do you think – brilliant strategy or goofy gone wrong? Who tweets wearing mittens – when it’s in the mid-40s?

Still, you have to be impressed by the numbers: after a combined 40,000+ retweets of the first two messages, JCPenney revealed at halftime the real reason for its poor spelling: its Twitter account was being run by someone wearing the Team USA branded mittens JCPenney is selling for the upcoming Sochi Olympics. Source

And, it gave brands like Coors Light and Snickers something to tweet about and tie into. Was this one of the best examples of real time marketing?

Coca-Cola Wins for Most Flags on a Turf

Coca-Cola’s ad “It’s Beautiful” sparked both outrage and kudos on Twitter and Facebook.

Tell me – what American does NOT have immigrant roots?

My grandmother came to America from Telkibánya Hungary on Christmas Eve. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about my ancestor, Cecilia RozgonyiCecília Rozgonyi proved to be a remarkable woman for her time, as she fought against the Ottoman Empire under King Sigismund of Hungary at Golubac fortress in 1428, commanding her own ship. When the army was retreating Sigismund was attacked and Cecilia intervened, saving the life of the Hungarian king. Power. Woman. No?

My husband’s Suyo grandparents immigrated from Endrod, Hungary. And, the Svoboda family [my married name] sailed over from the Czech Republic. On my mother’s side, our ancestral line traces back to Mary Queen of Scots.

What countries do your ancestors hail from? Here’s the ad . . .


Budweiser Takes Top Dog Award

Yes, I do love puppies and horses. And, it seems everyone else does, too.

Kudos to the trainers, the 17 horses and 10 puppies who appeared in the Budweiser “Puppy Love” #BestBuds commercial, which was the top ad on most legitimate lists.

I only wish the puppies looked more like mixed breed shelter dogs, not like one of America’s top dog breeds. Real farm dogs are mixed breeds, or at least ours always were. Still, it’s a great commercial.

Super Bowl Social Media Results

Check out complete study results at www.lambert-edwards.com/superbowl.

1.     Gender distribution: Pre-game 67% men, during the game – 53% men and 47% women

2.     Top 3 commercials driven by posts from women: Budweiser’s Puppy Love, H&M’s TV Purchase and Beat’s Goldilocks (featuring Ellen Degeneres).

3.     Auto commercials in order of mentions: Chevy’s #Romance 32,699 and #Maserati 26,804

4.     Half-time discussions:  halftime discussions were cut nearly in half. Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers simply don’t have Beyonce’ star power or the shock and awe of Beyonce reuniting with Destiny’s child in 2013.

5.     Microblogs (Twitter and Facebook) were the preferred choice: Twitter and Facebook accounted for 99% of the total conversation volume this year, the highest recorded in the last seven years.


Note to Reporters Covering Social Media and the Super Bowl

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Your Turn

Tell us what you think about the crop of 2014 Super Bowl ads. What did you learn from them?



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