Future of Earned Media in 60 Minutes

Future of Media Cision
Future of media virtual conference hosted by Cision.

Two minutes – that’s all 30 speakers [check out the list later in this post] got to answer one question about the future of media.  I can’t wait to hear what these visionaries have to say.

That’s why I’m inviting you to register for The Future of Media: Radical Integration. Presented by Cision, the virtual event takes place on August 23 at 2:00pm EST. Register to attend so you can follow the event live and receive an MP3 recording and transcript to keep.

When I got the invitation to be a The Future of Media speaker, I did not hesitate to say “Yes!”

Without knowing what question I would answer, I felt confident that coming up with a two minute answer would be so effortless I’d hit my “That Was Easy” button five minutes after reading the question.

As it turns out, condensing an answer to a complicated question into 120 seconds can be agonizing.

When I read the questions, I realized how much I didn’t know about this topic.  In fact, I felt qualified to answer only one question:

“What do other marketers understand that PR people traditionally haven’t?”

If I had to take sides, I’d stand with marketers. After all, I have my degree in marketing, am a former national sales manager and own a 3D marketing communications practice. But, I also write about PR, practice PR, speak to PR practitioners and consult with PR agency clients.

So I went for what I thought was an easy question. I made lists of what to talk about. I talked out loud. I thought and thought and thought.

And, then I decided it was all too much.

I could only talk about one thing. Here’s what I said in four sentences:

People want to know what to do. It’s that simple. If you want to measure results, then you’ll need something to track. So, give people something to do and then watch them take action.

We did it in two takes. On the first try, I said nothing at all. I froze.

On the second try I watched the timer on my screen and ended exactly at 120 seconds. I didn’t want to do a retake because most of the time, for me, the first take is the best.

When I got the email with the link to the speakers, I was wowed. Really wowed. I’m so honored to be among this group. If you’re looking for top notch PR people to watch, this is a good place to start.

Future of Earned: Radical Integration Speakers

Brian Solis Principal, Altimeter Group

Deirdre Breakenridge President & Executive Director Communications, Mango!

Linda Rutherford, VP Communication & Strategic Outreach, Southwest Airlines

Andrea Foote Sr. Manager, Public Relations, PepsiCo

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Author, Speaker, Change Agent, The Hayzlett Group

Ashley Swartz, Senior VP at Digitas, New York Office

Sam Rosen, Creative Director and Co-founder, ThoughtLead

Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc.

Jason Keath Founder, Social Fresh

Jason Falls Founder. Social Media Explorer

Todd Defren Principal,  SHIFT Communications

Sarah Evans Owner, Sevans Strategy

C.C. Chapman Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Jeremy Woolf  Sr VP, Global Social Media Practice Lead, TEXT 100

Alan Weinkrantz PR & Social Media Advisor to American & Israeli Companies

Jason Winocour Partner,  Hunter Public Relations

Cara Stewart Founder and Principal, Remarx Media

Kelly Cutler CEO and Co-founder, Marcel Media

Douglas Karr President and CEO, DK New Media

Heather Whaling Founder & President, Geben Communication

Bret Leece Senior VP Performance, Initiative

Barbara Rozgonyi Founder of CoryWest Media & Publisher, WiredPRworks

Amanda Miller Littlejohn Founder, Mopwater Public Relations

Lindsey Groepper Senior Vice President, BLASTmedia

Dilip Venkatachari CEO and Co-founder,  Compass Labs

Chuck Tanowitz Founder & Principal, Fresh Ground, Inc.

Kellye Crane Founder, Solo PR Pro

Jeff Esposito Public Relations Manager, VistaPrint

Trey Pennington Marketing Pro, Speaker, Author, Dreamer

Aliza Sherman President, MediaEgg

Future of Earned Media Event Description from Cision 

The Future of Earned: Radical Integration will explore how the public relations field is becoming radically integrated with nearly every aspect of marketing. In fact, even the term “PR” itself may no longer adequately describe the industry’s emerging role. “Earned media” perhaps better characterizes PR’s expanding function within the marketing mix: the art and science of earning visibility, brand equity, and ultimately brand advocates through targeted, meaningful, public relationships—online and offline.

Register right away for this free virtual event.  If you can’t make it on Tuesday August 23 at 2:00pm EST, don’t worry: you will be sent the MP3 recording and a transcript of the event just for registering. Follow the event on twitter via @cision and #radmedia.

What’s your biggest question about the future of earned media?  Since this is futuristic, opinions count more than real answers. So, go for it!

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