Storytelling as Landscaping 12 Ways to Plant PR


A first, a news release about a porch, led to ways to use storytelling as landscaping to plant PR. Disclosure: Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors is a CoryWest Media marketing and public relations client. CMP.LY/4 View the release, Once Upon a Porch Project Wins Landscaping Gold Award in Glen Ellyn. Please share comments on your PR, landscaping or porch stories . . .

It’s the busiest time of year for landscape architecture firms. Life is alive in the landscape. Our client, Hursthouse is an HGTV award-winning landscaping firm.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Hursthouse – especially at this time of year. When we released the story about an award-winning porch, I thought about how you can design your own PR storytelling landscape. What would you add?

Storytelling as Landscaping 12 Ways to Plant PR

1. Design a Master Plan
Landscape designs are often drawn as master plans to be implemented in phases marked by changes in family dynamics. For example, a playground may be phased out into a scented garden.

How will your stories grow with your company? What markers will you use to implement new phases?

2. Set Up Gathering Spaces
Without ceilings or high walls, outdoor rooms define purpose by hardscape, plantings and furnishings.

Where are your client’s gathering spaces? Can you join theirs – can they find yours?

3. Plant Perennials
Planted once, hydrangeas and columbines are examples of plants that come to life in bloom every year at the same time.

What stories do you repeat every year at the same time?

4. Add Annuals
Adding a pleasant seasonal punch, petunias and pansies are examples of annuals. Part of the fun of planting annuals is the ability to change the variety and look every year.

Dream up some stories you’d like to talk about this summer.

5. Rely on Evergreens
Shrubs and trees that add shape and color, throughout all seasons.

Every company needs a few evergreen stories that can be shaped to fit a variety of placements. What are yours?

6. Structure with Hardscape
The pillars and posts of a landscaping project, hardscape features include patios, fences, porches and stationary structures.

Pillars and posts in an organization might be people, product or ______ ?

7. Fill with Features
To add life and zest in the garden, water, light and fire features add interest and dimension.

How can you brighten up your stories with video, audio or images – or apps?

8. Grow a Gardener
Once a landscape is planted and installed, a gardener will select new plants, weed and trim the landscape and harvest fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Who is your storyteller?

9. Sprinkle and Drip
Plants need the right amount of water to grow. Too little or too much means the plant will not reach it’s full maturity.

How do you quench your audience’s thirst for information?

10. Sun or Shade
Blooming is best when plants are in the right place. Plant a fern in full sun and it will wilt. Plant a daisy in the deep shade and it will not bloom.

Think about the amount of brilliance media connections expect from you.

11. Divide and Spread
Like stories, some plants benefit by being divided. Little periwinkle offshoots can quickly spread into lush

Sharing bits of stories via social media can easily spread a larger story throughout networks.

12. Provide a Porch

Porches provide a place for the family and community to drop in.

Where is your front porch? What are you serving? Do you have a swing?

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