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Over the weekend, I’ll be attending my third SOBCon. Thanks to Liz Strauss, I am an SOB. Make that a week 123 SOB. What is an SOB? And what does being an SOB have to do SOBCon, Leadership and Loyalty? I’ll have more to say about that after this weekend, but for now here’s a look back along with ways you can follow SOBCon, one of favorite conferences, this weekend.

Anywhere SOBCon Guide

1. See who’s going and follow their conversation.
2. Subscribe to the #sobcon twitter search RSS feed.
3. Watch the SOBCon Leadership and Loyalty Livestream

Program Outline – The New Leadership and Loyalty Business

Check the program guide and speakers on the site. Here’s a quick overview.

SOBCon features six models and masterminds workshops, four up-close, interactive conversations with business leaders, and four special presentations – all focused on the new online and offline leadership and loyalty business.


Launching the event: Terry Starbucker
The New Leadership and Loyalty Business: Liz Strauss

Model 1: Critical Value of a Congruent Story Cathy Brooks, CEO. Story Navigation

One on one with Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity
Today We Are Rich – NYTimes Bestselling author, Tim Sanders

Model 2: Non-verbal Intelligence Cues and Connections
Derek Halpern, CEO. Social Triggers

Model 3: Volunteers and Partners as Highly Paid Employees and Employees as Heartfelt Volunteers
Terry Starbucker, Co-Founder. SOBCon, Ramblings from a Glass Half Full

Very special transportation provided by GMC from the Hotel 71 to the event at The Underground and back again.


Model 4: RE-Energize Your BOW (Body of Work) and the Community It Attracts
Steve Farber, Founder Extreme Leadership

One on one with Chris Brogan, President of New Media Labs, Founder of Human Business Works Author of Trust Agents.

Book Yourself Solid – NYTimes Bestselling author, Michael Port

Model 5: Loyalty Programs: Rewarding Senders and Spenders

CarolRoth, Business Strategist, Deal Maker, Author of the Entrepreneur Equation, CEO of IntercapMP

Interview with Jodi Gersh, Director of Social Media for Gannett by the amazing Jeremy Wright, VP, Business Development

Team Challenges: Help a Real-Life Road Warrior by GMC and Build a Training Event by GoToWebinar

Model 6: Innovation: Building on a Values-Based Value Proposition
LizStrauss, Co-Founder. SOBCon, Successful-Blog

The New Leadership and Loyalty Business:Terry Starbucker and Liz Strauss


Launching NON-PROFIT GIVE-BACK IDEA STORM – Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker
Host: Geoff Livingston and advocates: Estrella Rosenburg, John Haydon, Hank Wasiak, Mark Horvath and others

What model most interests you? Why?

If you’re wondering what goes on behind the scenes and in the room, here’s a peek back into my past coverage.

Wired PR Works SOBCon09 coverage

Posts that mention SOBCon on Wired PR Works

My first SOBCon post, written in April 2008. At that time there was no Social Media Club in Chicago, but in April 2009 there was. Here’s the video from our first event together. Tonight is our third anniversary party.

We’re expecting over 250 people tonight. Let me know if you’ll be there!!!

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