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Rick Frishman Find out how to Listen to Rick Frishman’s Ultimate PR Secrets Interview . . .

Thanks to Rick Frishman for packing 60 minutes full of ideas, tips, how-tos and laughs. After meeting Rick in Atlanta last fall, I knew this was a call I’d enjoy – you will, too! There’s no quick and easy way to recap Rick’s call in a few bullet points. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll hear Rick revealing . . .

· Why publicity is 100 times better than advertising

· How the Internet has changed everything and why things will never be the same

· Why you need a platform and how to build a herd

· What happens if you don’t know Rick’s dog’s name [hint: look on Rick’s site to find Rusty’s name and enough free resources to keep you reading through a pot of coffee over half a day]

· Loads of cheap and easy-to-use online resources to help you get your site set up and running in record time, including an all-in-one web marketing management system

· The 6 words every author wants to hear, but very few do, along with a strategies for getting a seat on TV sets and in radio studios

· How to become an author in 5 easy steps and in less than 90 days with detailed instructions for three alternative routes

· Why you need to buy dozens of domain names and where to go to get them for under $10

· Getting on Oprah: how do you do it and when you should go after it [Rick, are you sure it’ really okay to give out the name of the executive producer?]

· Real life stories about the “legends” in the business and what you can learn from them – hang in there and be persistent – you won’t believe who got rejected 33 times

· Understanding the pluses and minuses of radio, TV and other media sources and why you need to make being on morning radio a major priority

· How to maximize your effectiveness when you’re in front of the media to increase your chances for success – a great performance brings encore invitations

· Where and when to use audio and video as an integral part of a press kit and an audition for news shows

Here’s Rick’s Bio . . . Rick Frishman, president of Planned Television Arts, since 1982 is the driving force behind PTA’s exceptional growth. In 1993 PTA merged with Ruder•Finn and Rick serves as an Executive Vice President at Ruder•Finn. While supervising PTA’s success, he has remained one of the most powerful and energetic publicists in the media industry. Rick continues to work with many of the top editors, agents and publishers in America including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Penguin Putnam, and Hyperion Books. Some of the authors he has worked with include Mitch Albom, Bill Moyers, Stephen King, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Mark Victor Hansen, Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Hugh Downs, Henry Kissinger, Jack Canfield, Alan Deshowitz, Arnold Palmer, and Harvey Mackay. Rick joined the company in 1976 after working as a producer at WOR-AM in New York City. He has a B.F.A. in acting and directing and a B.S. from Ithaca College School of Communications. Rick is a sought after lecturer on publishing and public relations and is a member of PRSA and the National Speakers Association. He and his wife Robbi live in Long Island with their three children, Adam, Rachel and Stephanie, and a cockapoo named Rusty. Rick has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and more than a dozen TV shows nationwide. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV numerous times and has also been a guest on “OPRAH“. You can see some of these appearances at www.rickfrishman.com.

Rick is the co-author 8 national best selling books. GUERRILLA MARKETING FOR WRITERS: 100 Weapons for Selling Your Work with Jay Conrad Levinson and literary agent Michael Larsen (Writers Digest Books 2000), and co-author of the national bestseller GUERRILLA PUBLICITY: Hundreds of Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Maximum Sales for Minimum Dollars with Jay Conrad Levinson and Jill Lublin (Adams Media Corp 2002). Rick’s new book NETWORKING MAGIC: Find the Best- from Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants to Homes, Schools and Jobs was released by Adams Media Corp. on September 15, 2004 and immediately went to #1 at Barnes and NobleAu.com. Rick’s new book series “AUTHOR 101” series hit stores in November of 2005. (with co- author Robyn Spizman) Books TWO, THREE AND FOUR will be released in 2006. Go to www.author101.com for details. Rick’s new book with Steven Schragis ’10 CLOWNS DON’T MAKE A CIRCUS” was released in May 2006. Rick is co host (with attorney Richard Solomon) of the radio show TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS which airs every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm on WCWP RADIO in Long Island, New York.

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