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Marc Harty Web PR Traffic Strategies

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Thanks to Marc Harty, creator of PR Traffic – the Web-based press release optimization system, for being an Ultimate PR Secrets guest speaker. Claim your free report: “The 7 Deadly Sins Most People Commit with Web PR and how You Can Avoid Them.”

Here’s a quick interview recap along with Marc’s bio . . .

Listen in as Marc Harty reveals . . . Web PR Secrets: How To Bust Through The Myths And Explode Your Profits

[Note: Thanks to Marc for writing the promo copy – he’s really good, isn’t he?]

Web press releases are–ahem–getting lots of press these days. Too bad the “advice de jour” merely scratches the surface, or worse yet, descends into geek-speak in describing the numerous linking, optimization and “long tail” search engine traffic benefits.

Want the real story on Web PR? Marc, no bandwagon jumper he, has trained everyone from the “no tech skills crowd” to some of the top Internet marketers on Web PR like Alex Mandossian, Marlon Sanders, Joel Comm, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Gerber [auther of the E-Myth] and Armand Morin.

At last, you’ll discover ALL of the following:

– three myths that sabotage 90% of press releases and how you can avoid them

proven “hooks and angles” to jumpstart any release

how to quickly and easily transform a plain text press release into a multimedia powerhouse

how a 100 year old marketing vehicle can be YOUR ideal platform for ANY web 2.0 marketing efforts Join us for the easiest, fastest and most economical method of generating relevant web site traffic! Towards the end of the call Marc talks about how many press releases you need to be writing – I was surprised and you probably will be, too. Gotta run and start writing, but first here’s Marc’s bio ~ BIO: Marc Harty Marc once fancied himself a cartoonist. When no one else did, he opted, wisely, for a career in strategic marketing. Some 22 years and $218 million dollars later, Marc’s marketing and promotional insights still deliver maximum, sustainable ROI to everyone from small business entrepreneurs to mega-billion Fortune 500 companies. A sought after speaker on multiple continents, Marc speaks frequently and dynamically on Web PR, traffic generation and traffic conversion, social media, affiliate and email marketing, and ever the Aquarian—on one of his most enjoyable passions—kayaking. Marc’s breakthrough “PR Traffic” System is the first and most widely used Web PR Home Study Course in the world today. His tested, “under the radar” traffic methods, have earned him the nickname “Traffic MacGyver.” Marc’s clients include Alex Mandossian, Marlon Sanders, Joel Comm, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Gerber [author of the E-Myth] and Armand Morin. Marc is CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. MainTopic training leverages both media and message to transform the “info-fatigued” into ultra-achievers by focusing on—you guessed it—one main topic. Find out more about Ultimate PR Secrets, the first virtual seminar to feature Million Dollar PR pros in an all-in-one free publicity event . . .


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