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Jody Colvard, founder of FunMoneyGood and the Women’s Podcasting Network

Thanks to Jody Colvard for being an Ultimate PR Secrets guest speaker. Here’s a quick interview recap along with Jody’s bio . . .

Find out how to Listen to Jody Colvard on Podcasting, PR and the Digital Revolution

“PR is becoming a great influencer of the media.” Jody Colvard, founder of the FunMoneyGood podcast network. According to a press release announcing Jody Colvard’s launch of the Women’s Podcast Directory, the best kept secret in podcasting is that from moms to news, women dominate the new revolution. Jody taught her first podcasting class in 2005, the same year the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary declared “podcasting” the word of the year, defining the term as “a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.” Podcasting now extends to video and will make its debut in many 2007 car models. As our population trends into taking their media with them, our cell phones will become our main communication device, predicts Jody. In the call Jody talks about who the digital media revolution is evolving and why it’s so important for small businesses, entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, coaches, non-profits and any other entity that wants to forge a more personal relationship with their prospects, clients and communities needs to seriously consider podcasting.

Top 3 Action Steps

  1. download the free source audio editing software, audacity at
  2. buy a microphone that plugs in the USB port, not the microphone jack, of your computer
  3. plug into a blog like Typepad, Blogger or WordPress

For ideas on how to moneytize your podcast, produce amazing content, publicize your content, get a paid sponsor [one podcasting program gets paid $100,000 for a 30 second plug] and learn how to get listed in the FunMoneyGood directory that gets 7,000,000 visitors a year, listen to Barbara Rozgonyi interview Jody Colvard.

Jody’s Bio . . .

Jody Colvard is the founder of the FunMoneyGood Network, an inspirational and motivational social media network, which empowers writers, speakers and experts with a global online platform to share their voices and messages through blogs and podcasting. The FunMoneyGood Network has helped many small businesses as well as larger companies, such as One World Live, JingleGram, Intel, Priceline, Office Max, PBS, ABC, Travelocity and Toshiba share their message with the world. Jody’s goal is to globally empower women on the Internet with the knowledge and tools that will allow them passion in their business, freedom in their finances and the ability to give to themselves and others, hence the motto for FunMoneyGood: “Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good.” A single parent of two children, now in their twenties, Jody takes her experience from all her many successes, from marketing, to art, to healing, to television and radio and combines them all into a network that provides platforms for people with passion and a message to be heard. Jody was recently invited to China, where she was one of the first women to teach blogging and podcasting.

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