PRWeb | New Visability Statistics | Google Maps Mash Up

PRWeb recently introduced a new set of online visibility measurement tools that ramp up their already powerful results reports with new tools including reader locator maps, competitive benchmarks and comparison models.

According to the March 29, 2007 PRWeb press release . . .

Available with all press release levels, the new Visibility Statistics allow customers to:

  • Track the impressions of a press release over time
  • Determine the number of people who read a press release over time
  • Benchmark the visibility of their press release against other press releases within an industry category
  • Compare the impact of their releases to other releases they have sent
  • Evaluate how different features affected the visibility of their news release

Users who choose the recently introduced Media Visibility press release distribution package will also have access to Advanced Analytics, which includes a report wizard that allows users to easily create analytics reports in a variety of formats as well as a “mash-up” feature that displays the geographic location of your readers on a Google Map.


Looks like AP distribution and Advanced Analytics come with the $360 Media Visibility package.

We’re testing this service out this week and will keep you posted on the results.



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