PRWeb Results | 5/98,026 on Google News

Yesterday, in my PRWeb | New Visability Statistics | Google Maps Mash Up post, I promised to update you on our results with the new PRWeb tools. . .

Here’s what I found this morning . . .

In our first release testing the new PRWeb press release tools, we’re pleased to report our client, Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio,landed the number 5 spot on Page ONE of a Google News search – out of 98,026 for “design.” Yahoo News ranked the release at positions 15 and 16 out of 43,743 “design” results. The weird thing is, I didn’t even think to check the stats for a search on “design,” but PRWeb’s snazzy dashboard dished out this stat for me. All I can say is WOW!


Click on this graphic [new image uploaded 02-08 to replace image lost on former server] to see PRWeb’s access method report without the volume columns.

Other reports include:

– Full Page Reads by category, week, day and details

– Headline Impressions by category, week, day and details

– Search Engine Hits by country and 20 top terms with links to live pages so you can see results in real time

At the $360 level, you can export stats and see where your readers are geographically, as well as compare releases.


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