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google_home_page.jpgLast week we released the Ultimate PR Secrets press release   on PR Web. A few hours after it went live, TransWorldNews called and offered to let us test out their optimized PR services for free. Their release got us the number two spot in a Google News search for business marekting – out of almost 50,000 results. Right now, it’s at number 11, which isn’t bad considering our news is now 5 days old.

Watching the stats roll in is one of my favorite parts of crafting online releases. Sure, there’s the keyword strategizing, the snappy headline and the call to action. And, there’s always a case study in motion in analyzing the early returns. What could we differently next time? How could we tweak the copy, the terms, the attachments? That’s what we’re sorting through now. Scoring success happens on many levels: page reads, page rank, number of hits, registrations, blog posts, articles and number of sales.

 Here’s the latest from PR Web . . .

While these numbers may look impressive, what really counts is what happens when people read the release: click where you want them to.

pr_web_stats.jpg We got page one Yahoo News! and Google News placements for both publicity and PR.


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