RSS Tips: How to Feed Blog-News Subscriptions into Outlook 2007

Do you know what RSS stands for? Do you care? You do, if you want to get news delivered somewhere to you automatically online. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s like ordering online subscriptions to blogs, news sites, twitter updates or any content that has an RSS feed. Sounds kind of fancy to have your own syndication system when you think about it, but every blogger and person on twitter does.

If you’re on our email news update list [powered by aweber: affiliate link], you get emails twice a week: a weekly blog collection on Tuesdays and a personal communication that doesn’t appear anywhere else from me on Thursdays. What most people don’t know, and I forget to tell them, that you can subscribe to all of my updates with RSS distribution. I wish every email provider offered this service. How many times have you had to go back and mine your inbox for news from a community group?

Once you order your RSS subscription or feed, it has to have a place to go where you can find in online. Lots of people like to use Google’s reader to organize their feeds. Some people follow hundreds of blogs so they like to have a system that lets them choose favorites and share like Google’s reader does. Here’s a video from Common Craft about how RSS works.


Even if you have a feed reader [AKA RSS newsstand], you might still like to get your feeds in your email inbox. And, there is way to do that – as long as you have Outlook 2007. Some bloggers also offer email updates. Here’s a video that walks you how to sync your RSS feeds with your Outlook 2007 inbox from Robert Imbriale.


I like the way Robert shows you exactly how to set up your Outlook Inbox to receive blog feeds. Every time you click send/receive any recent blog or news updates go directly into your Outlook 2007 inbox. You can monitor all of your RSS and email activity all on one screen. Thanks to Robert for telling me about this resource so I could share it with you.

How do you manage your RSS feeds?


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