How to Write a Professional Speaker Recommendation

Groups give speakers get all kinds of gifts: flowers, chocolate, gift certificates. One of the best “gifts” you can give a speaker is a recommendation. Although I use critique sheets for reviews, it’s not often that a get a group review like this one from West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs.

What I like about this format:

  • includes group comments
  • talks about usable ideas
  • gives ideas on how to expand the presentation

Professional Speaker Recommendation for Barbara Rozgonyi’s How to Build Your Business with Online Networking for Women Entrepreneurs

Thanks so much to everyone in the group who wrote the following recommendation:

West Suburban Woman Entrepreneurs would like to acknowledge Barbara Rozgonyi from CoryWest Media. She joined us January 15, 2009, at William Tell in Countryside to share her wisdom and insight about “How To Build Your Business With Online Networking.”

The WSWE Speaker-Evaluation opinions about her presentation were all in agreement: Barbara definitely met our expectations! Her program gave insight on the timely topic of online networking. Her material was useful to our current business needs. Her presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. She was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed. She inspired and motivated members and their guests, many of whom reported they plan to sign up for or update their listings in online networking communities like “LinkedIn.”

Some comments that WSWE members shared include:

  • Great information for those not familiar with the topic

· The handout allowed audience to focus on the speaker. (Many) liked the size and content of handout.

  • “Great speaker and great topic for today’s techno savvy consumers!”
  • Speaker presented ideas for every level of experience

The most usable ideas gained from his presentation were:

  • Taking small steps to implement this way of networking
  • How to set up for a new user
  • Reserving individual domain names
  • Forming accountability groups
  • Suggested action steps and accountability groups

If we had more time or if we could have added something more, our members would have appreciated:

  • Walk through a sample “LinkedIn” setup
  • How to specifically use sites to stimulate business

We recommend Barbara to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members.


Members of WSWE ~ West Suburban Woman Entrepreneurs ~

Are you an event planner? How do you recognize your speakers?

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