Turning Boomers Onto Twitter – Altering Social Networks

image: shutterstock.com
image: shutterstock.com

Can it be done: turning Boomers onto twitter?

While it’s no secret that many Boomers are not only already on twitter, they are thriving members – and leaders – in the social media revolution, Di Chapman [whom I recently interviewed about being interviewed] and Dr. Steve Mason, a psychologist and celebrity columnist[who once appeared in Playgirl magazine and was a comedy writer for Joan Rivers] for Not Born Yesterday and Psychology Today asked me if I could help them figure out, well, why twitter was worth figuring out.

Here’s an interview I did for their show “Better Times After 50” on AdviceRadio.com. Cathy Rigby, an American Olympic gymnast, is this week’s guest. Wow-do I feel honored to be in such company!

Where are Baby Boomers in social media? Check out these stats.

According to this article about Boomers and social media in PC World,

That Boomers dramatically alter the social networks they adopt should come as no surprise, according to Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a think tank that studies Americans’ online habits. “Boomers are the mainstream of the country now,” says Rainie. “When you attract a mainstream audience, you’re going to attract a lot more commercial interests. Boomers validate that this is a big market, and that this is a place where commercial interests can make money.”

How do you think Boomers will dramatically alter the social networks they adopt?

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