Turning Boomers Onto Twitter – Altering Social Networks

image: shutterstock.com
image: shutterstock.com

Can it be done: turning Boomers onto twitter?

While it's no secret that many Boomers are not only already on twitter, they are thriving members - and leaders - in the social media revolution, Di Chapman [whom I recently interviewed about being interviewed] and Dr. Steve Mason, a psychologist and celebrity columnist[who once appeared in Playgirl magazine and was a comedy writer for Joan Rivers] for Not Born Yesterday and Psychology Today asked me if I could help them figure out, well, why twitter was worth figuring out.

Here's an interview I did for their show "Better Times After 50" on AdviceRadio.com. Cathy Rigby, an American Olympic gymnast, is this week's guest. Wow-do I feel honored to be in such company!

Where are Baby Boomers in social media? Check out these stats.

According to this article about Boomers and social media in PC World, '

That Boomers dramatically alter the social networks they adopt should come as no surprise, according to Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a think tank that studies Americans' online habits. "Boomers are the mainstream of the country now," says Rainie. "When you attract a mainstream audience, you're going to attract a lot more commercial interests. Boomers validate that this is a big market, and that this is a place where commercial interests can make money."

How do you think Boomers will dramatically alter the social networks they adopt?

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