6 Ways Instagram Makes Your Business More Social

One of my favorite apps right now is Instagram. Why?

6 Ways Instagram Makes Your Business More Social

1. It’s instant.

It lets me snap pictures that I see in the moment. There’s no grabbing my camera, changing the lens, turning it on, adapting settings for lighting, focusing and reshooting. With Instagram, photo shooting is elegantly simple. Aim the phone at the subject, tap the screen and voila!

2. It’s hashtag- able.

My kids love hashtagging. In fact they even talk in hashtags. Sounds amusing, but it is serious business. If you want to get attention on Instagram, use hashtags and lots of ’em. What’s a hashtag? It’s a term with a # symbol. For example, #chicago means the image is tagged with Chicago as a location.

3. It’s share-able.

When you’re ready to share the picture, you can select the networks to send it to. It’s all-in-one updating, if you want it to be. To me, it’s interesting to watch reactions and comments come if via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

4. It’s social.

Wow! Everyone who uses Instagram can show and share their world. You can make new connections, grow your network and show the social side of your business life. Hint: Everyone “likes” food pictures and images of skyscrapers, like the one that accompanies this post.

5. It’s searchable.

You can search within the Instagram app or search instagram online.

6. It’s business friendly.

You can take pictures of projects, clients, your team or your town. You can like pictures and your name will show up on the photo. Today, a conference I attended and a restaurant in Chicago liked my images. Their profile IDs show up on the Instagram images.

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What do you love about Instagram? 

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