Social Media Technology for Meeting and Event Planners

Thanks so much to Paul Paone, who’s bringing Meetings Tech Expo to Chicago, for inviting me to speak on social media technology for meeting and event planners.

The challenge when talking about social media, to many groups, is three-fold.

1. Everyone’s ability is individual.

2. Everyone’s industry is different.

3. Everyone’s story is unique.

The common thread at this event is occupation: everyone is an event or meeting planner. Taking that into account, I took the session description and wove it into my WIRED social media marketing workshop presentation.

Social Media Technology for Meetings & Events: Deciphering the Social Media Maze to Uncover What Works & What Doesn’t

From the Meetings Tech Expo program . . .

With the ever-expanding horizon of social media technologies, event professionals are feeling increased pressure to either get-in-the-game or catch up with the latest must-have implementation. Regardless of your social media status, this session will put your mind at ease by creating a social media blue print that would fit your event best.


  • Determine which social media platforms your audience lives on
  • Understand the “event- value” of Twitter, Facebook & Linked-In
  • Learn specific deployment strategies that will yield immediate results
  • Quantify the return on investment of your time versus results when utilizing social media tools
  • Leave with a blueprint that you can implement for your next event

Here’s my presentation . . .

Social Media Technology for Meeting and Event Planners by Barbara Rozgonyi 

Meeting and Event Planners are My Kind of People!

As someone who’s planned, and managed, all kinds of meeting and events, I can relate to how exciting and challenging bringing people together can be.

This presentation is a new one for me. I’m happy to share a collection of mini case studies, as well as tips and tricks, throughout.

I’m also looking forward to learning about the latest meeting technology from the other speakers.

Your Turn

Are you a meeting or event planner?

What’s your biggest social media challenge?

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