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A reader writes: We’re an eco-friendly baby products company. How can we use social media? We plan to start a blog, but do you have any other ideas?

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Starting a blog is a good start, but it takes time to build traffic and prominence.

Here’s an energy friendly way to approach your marketing: repurpose your content by taking the same information, reshaping it and using it over and over again in different places online. As far as social media ideas go, here are three mini-marketing strategies to help you get started.

Blogging Mini-Marketing Strategy

– plan – design, content and editorial for at least six months out

– comment – set up Google alerts for your keywords and comment when yours gets mentioned

– reviews – some bloggers review products for a fee, others will review products if there is a direct relationship and benefit for their readers

– contests – give away coupons or products

– conferences – meet the moms who write about your products

Facebook Mini-Marketing Strategy

– determine your value

– set up a company page

– search for partners

– invite people to become fans

– keep your presence lively and interactive

Twitter Mini-Marketing Strategy

– listen and track conversations with twitter search

– strategize how you will interact

– get to know key players

– start talking and responding

– host a #ecobaby conversation at a regularly scheduled day/time

– tweet ups – sponsor eco-baby gatherings

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