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Searching for popular blogs to follow? Yahoo’s Blog directory lists blogs by category. Shown here is a screen capture I took this morning. At the time, Wired PR Works was number one. So . . . I told my newsletter subscribers about it. [Apologies to my newsletter readers for letting this news get me too carried away. You’ll be pleased to know my ego is back in check.]

And then . . . I decided to take a look at the link a few hours later. As of this moment, I’m number eight; former two is now seven and former three is now eleven. Click on the web page graphic to see the PR blog list. Yes, that’s right, there only 18 PR blogs listed.

More than most people, I know the shelf-life of a top-ranking: sometimes you can measure it in seconds.

What I want to know is how can the blogs switch places so dramatically an quickly? Yahoo answers the blog popularity question by saying the order is determined by Yahoo’s search technology.


If you’re looking for a.) blogs to follow or b.) directories to submit your blog to, check out Yahoo’s blog directory guide.

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