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Every Tuesday, Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog hosts an open comment night. Last week the group came up with the idea to host a blog showcase. Blog-to Show? Showcase Your Blog at Successful-Blog July 26-27 outlines the details of how to get in. With all entries in, the show is up – live – now with over 250 blogs to browse through. Kudos to Liz for setting up this event!

In selecting an image, I went with the auto show theme mentioned in the event promos. This one is from the 2008 Chicago Auto show. Although I didn’t plan it this way, it’s a contemporary self-portrait.  

Here’s my Blog Showcase entry:

Blog Title: Wired PR Works by Barbara Rozgonyi
Blog URL link:
Blog Tagline: Getting the Media to Work for You

A fine blend of branding, entertainment, public relations, SEO and social media.

“You can be anyone you want to be – you just have to tell your world about it. Come on over – I’ll show you how.”
Barbara Rozgonyi, speaker, entrepreneur, imagemaker

Blogging Advice
Think beyond the theme, the categories, the posts.
Look down the road, a few months or even years
ahead to map out where you’d like to go, who you’ll
invite to come along and how you’ll all get there.
Blogging is a transformational journey.

What I love about this concept . . .

– brings together a band of bloggers

– incentive to look [and sound] your best

– promotes everyone all at once

– acts quickly on readers’ suggestions

– generates at least two-way traffic, more if blogs link to ones they like

It’s amazing that this event came to life in a few days. To take it to the next level . . .

– line up screenshots in a gallery

– give bloggers badges to promote the show

– award people’s choice prizes

– set up categories

– parade around the web – not sure how to do this, but I do have a video of fire trucks to get it started 

Image: Jaguar in Jeans, copyright 2008 Barbara Rozgonyi. Like auto shows? Check out my 2008 Chicago Auto Show set on

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