To Publicize . . . or not?

Last Saturday, I discovered Wired PR Works blog led a group of 100 PR blogs –by over 650% – in the most improved Technorati ranking category.


My big audience for my big announcement?

Two boys: ages 9 and 13. The location: my sister’s almost empty attic.

My announcement went something like this . . .

Me: Hey guys, my blog just got named number one! 

9 year old: Uh . . . where does it say that?

Me: See, here’s a chart and I’m the first one on the page.

13 year old: Cool!

9 year old: What’s a blog?

Me: It’s a website that has pictures and stories.

9 year old: Oh . . .

13 year old: What are your going to do to celebrate?

Me: I’m going to write a blog post.

Here it is almost a week later and I have yet to write the post.

Why? I’m thinking I’ve been promoting my own accomplishments a bit too much lately.

I even hesitated to bring this up in my weekly chat with my newsletter readers. And, no, they don’t know yet.

But then I wondered . . . what might you be publicizing that you’re not?

And, why not?

For many people, it comes down to these issues: confidence, overexposure, time and money.

What do you need to start publicizing?


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