Travelogue – City by the Bay Behind the Scenes

Wanted to share a few images with you from BlogHer 08 and my trip to San Francisco. 

For more scenic shots, check out my California travelogue I posted in December.

To browse other’s images, check out BlogHer 08 on







Frank, who waited on us at John’s Grill and then insisted on taking us to the Frida exhibit at SFMOMA – he is from her state and Mexico, with Carlos Hernandez who treated Wendy and me to lunch




Reuniting with Andy Wibbels, who is TypePad’s go-to blog guru and author of Blog Wild! a book I read at least a year before meeting Andy at BlogWorld Expo in 2007.




Double-decker sight-seeing bus



So great to see Kristin King again! We met at SOBCon08. She’s a really talented writer who writes InkThinker.


Dawn writes “Because I Said So


BlogHer Party at Macy's 

BlogHer party at Macy’s


Natalie and Amanda

Two fun young ladies – Amanda and Natalie – who met each other at BlogHer, but look like they’ve been best friends forever.


THE Queen of Spain took a moment to take a photo with me – I’m a huge fan!!!


Laura Fitton, known as Pistachio on twitter and I met up with AKA Monty – the first time I met this delightfully bubbly lady!


BlogHer’s founders


Meeting up with Mommy Needs a Cocktail who gave out martini shakers!


My hotel lobby – remembered to take a picture when I checked out.


Landing at Midway – can you see the skyline in the background?

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