Picture This! 10.5 Image Strategy Tips for Social Media Marketing and PR Pros

It’s no secret that everyone loves pictures, but did you know . . .

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

Thanks to Hubspot for this stat and 18 other fascinating visual marketing stats.

Look at what pops up when someone shares a post or a page. Make sure all images are share worthy and can travel outside of your site. The better your image, the more likely people will be to share it. To see how your site looks in Facebook, use the debugging tool. And, if you’d like to see who’s pinned pages from your site, check here on Pinterest. Here are a few image strategy tips for PR pros.

Visual Storytelling and Image Strategy Tips for PR Pros

Data from PR Newswire shows adding a photo to a press release increases engagement by 14 percent; adding a video and a photo actually doubles the engagement rate. Press releases that contain photos, video and audio generate the most engagement, with 3.5 times more engagement than text-only releases.

1. Because words go with pictures, keep email  and social media messages as brief as possible. Start with a headline, a quick pitch and a tweet. Let images talk for you.

2. Be trendy. Be real. Drop the photoshoot shots and go for the candid, IRL look in social media. Save the slickest glamour shots for promos.

3. Activate instant user generated creativity. Ask followers to hashtag their Instagram pics. Be sure to include a disclaimer in your Instagram profile that lets users know they give you permission to use their photos when they include the hashtag.

4. Stuck with boring stock photos? Send clients, or their clients, on a photowalk to get real life images.

5. Supersize your images using a free online tool like Canva that automatically resizes for social networks.

5.5 Edit your images for free with PicMonkey.

6. Go where your people are.  Have interior design clients? Make Houzz their home.

7. Write a photo caption that names your client and includes keywords.

8. For media release attachments, name the photo file like this: client-keyword or topic-location-agency.

9. Look friendly, confident and happy. Want to know how to look good in pictures? SMILE!!!

10. Share pics of pets, like I did here. 🙂


Let’s have some fun! Show us one of your favorite images.

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