Image Maker PR: 20 Ways to Look Good When You Say Cheese

Going anywhere near anyone who’s active on the Internet?

Then, be ready to have your picture taken with a cell phone, a digital camera or who knows? Maybe even a watch or a shoe.

When you hear someone say: "I’m going to put this up on Facebook!" either duck and run or stand up and pose boldly.

Last June, I wrote one of my most popular posts. Called Picture Perfect PR: Are You Camera Ready?

At the time, I wrote it to research what it takes to look good in pictures. With at least six events coming up in the next week, I decided to revisit the post and brush up on the tips and include a video featuring Carson Kressley from his Looking Good in Pictures Series. [I’m looking forward to meeting Carson at BlogHer!]

Here you go . . .

20 Ways to Be Picture Perfect and Camera Ready

1. Hire an image consultant who can tell you how you can look your best. At a recent conference, I ran into someone who did just that. I almost didn’t recognize Alex. His new image positioned him as a savvy, successful business owner. Where was Alex, the guy with the ponytail who looked like a freelance musician?

2. Dress up a notch and wear your most flattering clothes. Black is not always the answer. Need to look slim and sleek?

3. Take a few practice pictures. Take a test shot of you in your outfit before you go out the door. Looking in the mirror doesn’t capture the shadows and imperfections like a flash does.

4. Pose like a celebrity and act famous! Just kidding about acting famous, but if you have people lining up to take your picture, you will be!

5. Be seen with your crowd. Going with a collaborative colleague? Make sure you’re in pictures together.

6. Request that images be focused on smiling faces. Set your camera to zoom in from the spot where your picture will be taken.

7. Women, wear more makeup and look above, not into the lens.

8. Ask to see images and request that the ones you don’t like not be used in other’s cameras. A cheery, “Let’s see how it turned out!” is all it takes to get a preview. This may be tricky or impossible, especially if you’re at an event where everyone is taking pictures.

9. Stick with what works: colors, clothes, poses.

10. Put your best face forward; think happy thoughts.

11. Scout out photo opp spots before everyone arrives. Then start the snapping trend.

12. Wear interesting jewelry. I won’t say who, but a major magazine sent me a direct message on twitter asking about a cat pin I was wearing in my profile photo.

13. Look at what other people in the photo are doing. If they’re hamming it up, you should, too.

14. Search for good lighting and take a few test shots with and without flash to see how they turn out.

15. Request a waist up or a close up if you’d rather focus on your most flattering features.

16. Promote your business, a cause or your club with clothing that has a logo.

17. Set the drinks and the food down for a hands-free look.

18. Watch Carson’s video on how to look good in party pics – if you’ll be out on the town.

19. Check your hair and makeup before you start showing up in viewfinders.

20. What would you add?

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