Rocks and Ripples

"You've got to go create a ripple."

Those words came to me as our youngest son and I tromped around the woods. Early in the evening or late in the afternoon, depending on how you measured it, we were doing what we do best: an adventurous young man now, once a boy, coaxing a mom to overcome her trepidation to explore nature and life without boundaries. Where would he lead me if I said . . .

"I need a ripple for this picture," I commented as I peered out over an impossibly calm and steady lake.

"Well, then we will need a really big rock," he said and scampered off in search of a small boulder.

"Wait!" I yelled.

But once he's on a mission, there's no getting him to come back or change course. Into the woods he disappeared while I waited, but only for a moment.

Seeing the the sun would set soon I needed to hike somewhere more familiar. The park wasn't that big, but I wanted to know where our car was.

Climbing up a ridge, I was thankful that the trees hadn't filled in so much that my view was completely blocked, but it was screened enough so that I couldn't spot him. Maybe he was back at the car.

And then triumph sounded, "I can make a ripple! I'll wait for you."

Where was he?

I'd forgotten about the waterfall that runs over the dam. Of course that would be a good place to step out over the stream. And that's where I found him.

"Ready Mom? This one's for you!"

Luckily I had my camera ready to capture this moment.

Thanks to Tim Sanders, author of "Today We Are Rich," and Timberland for the inspiration.

How about you? What kind of rock will you use to create your ripple?

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