Top Low Cost and no Cost Social Media Measurement Tools

2013-Monioring-and-Measurement-SummitComing up on November 15, I’ll be covering my favorite top low cost and no cost social media measurement tools at Digital Megaphone’s Social Media and PR Monitoring and Measurement Summit.

Eight case studies will be presented from PepsiCo, Wilton, Oscar Mayer, Belize, North Shore University HealthSystem, Optima, Gourmet 45 and CampMor.

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You’ll learn how to:

Leverage Competitive Intel to Beat out Your Competition
Take Action on Right Time Engagement: Turning Relevant Social Media Moments into Meaningful Opportunities
Measure Influence, Find the Right Bloggers for your influencer campaigns and Measure Results
Analyze Website and Social Media Channels’ Performance
Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing and Activity
Leverage Low Cost and no Cost Measurement Tools
Listen to Social Signals to Improve Your Content Strategy
Listen to your customer to help shape your customer relations content strategy

Jeff Willinger, Director of Collaboration, Rightpoint, and Social Media Club Chicago’s president will share 15 social media secrets in 15 minutes.

Top Low Cost and no Cost Social Media Measurement Tools

What are the best tools to monitor, track and measure social media and corporate communications? From social media to media relations, you’ll learn popular measurement tools and discuss best practices for measuring social media engagement and online public relations.

In this session, I’ll be sharing my favorite must use no-cost and low-cost tools and lead an interactive discussion on platforms and uses, best tools and solutions.

You’ll learn about tools that:

Monitor your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter from one dashboard
Send alerts every time your brand is mentioned online so you can respond quickly
Identify activities, content and other online triggers that send the most traffic to your site
Track traditional and digital media mentions of your products and services, including sentiment and share of voice
Identify demographics and preferences for your online audiences

What are your favorite social media or PR measurement tools?

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