Videos Watched in One Month 33B

Americans LOVE video so much that they watched 33.2 billion of them in December 2009.

Why do you think Americans watch so much video online?

Highlights from the comScore Video Metrix service stats include . . .

Videos averaged 4.1 minutes long and 86.5% of the total U.S. internet audience viewed online video.

Online Video Watchers Prefer Google Sites
40% on Google sites with 99% on YouTube
Other sites: Hulu, Microsoft sites, Fox Interactive Media, Yahoo! Sites

Google Dominates Unique Viewers, out of 178 millions viewers, 138.5 came from Google, 59.8 from Yahoo, 56.8 from Fox Interactive Media and 44.2 from Hulu,

Looking for inspirational videos?

Check out this movie based on the book that inspired the Saints to win the Super Bowl [affiliate link].

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