Study Shows Tech, Media, Buying Power

As a marketing student, I find it interesting to look into communities. Here are a few highlights from a recent study about the African American market.

“‘African Americans Revealed’ shows us that the black community should never be referred to as one homogeneous population… We hope this report will help organizations better connect with an audience and intimately recognize all of its complexities.”
Matthew Barnhill, Senior VP of Corporate Research at BET Networks
African Americans Revealed” study of more than 80,000 African-American consumers on multi-media engagement and digital applications, shows African-Americans are very tech savvy, with roughly 31% of African American discretionary spending dollars, or $39 billion, going toward the purchase of computers, cell phones and electronics – a proportionally higher percentage when compared to non-African-Americans.

Seven distinct African American groups, among them The Strivers who are mostly in their late 20’s to early 40’s and are adventurous, fashionable, social mavens and opinion leaders who have their eyes on climbing the executive ladder.

How do you distribute news releases to this market?

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