PR Success Story Tranforms Townhome and Team

Wondering what’s bubbling up in our lab? Here’s the latest from our CoryWest Media client [disclosure] project portfolio. Today, we’re featuring Drury Design, a Glen Ellyn custom kitchen and bath design studio. Their releases were among the first we ran in our pioneering online newsroom. Way back in 2003, we posted releases online where reporters knew they could find them whenever they wanted. Do you remember when you distributed your first online news release?

In this news release Drury Design manages the custom kitchen and bath design as a member of a team, led by Glen Ellyn Homes, that transforms a Wheaton townhome. Although I won’t reveal our entire strategy, I can say by some measures this is one of our most successful releases ever.

At the end of the post, I’ll share a few thoughts on why that might be. Of course, you’re welcome to add in your own ideas. But first, here are a few paragraphs from the release. Read the complete version of Ordinary to Extraordinary Trends in Luxury Townhome Transformations in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

What’s a home buyer to do when they know what they want, but it doesn’t exist?

Jon and Kris Hunt had the location, a wish list and experience with major renovation projects. So when the time came to transition from their family-size homestead into a cozy townhome, they called in Glen Ellyn Homes to transform an ordinary townhome unit into an extraordinary custom-built luxury retreat. Drury Design fulfilled the client’s custom kitchen and bath wish lists. To follow the latest in home, kitchen and bath design trends, visit

Boomers preparing to move into smaller spaces may be in for a surprise, says a couple who invested in two transformational townhome makeovers. Going down to the studs to get what you want takes courage, vision and confidence in a team say the Hunts who chose Glen Ellyn Homes as their general contractor and Drury Design Kitchen and Bath Studio as their contractors.

Even with the confidence and trust the Hunts had in the Glen Ellyn Homes team, the project wasn’t a simple one. Because of building restrictions and townhome association guidelines, what the Hunts wanted to do, couldn’t be done – or could it?

Challenged to transform a space within a space, Glen Ellyn Homes formed a project team that included Derrick Architecture, interior designer Patricia Coppersmith and Drury Design Kitchen and Bath Studio.

After Chris Derrick of Derrick Architecture walked through the townhome with the Hunts for the first time, they talked about ways to add character by opening up the walls and creating space. “When we said let’s vault the ceilings, it became a much bigger project because we’d have to tinker with the trusses. Once we saw what we had to address, we just had to figure out how to make it happen.”

When the floor plan was open enough, Gladys Schanstra CKD CBD, of Drury Design Kitchen and Bath Studio managed the kitchen, bath and living area space planning. Working with Grabill Cabinetry Company, Schanstra created a Tuscan inspired look that carried throughout the home’s kitchen and baths.

PR Success Story Before and After

People love dramatic before and after stories. Who doesn’t dream about what could be if only an interior was like an empty box with no dividers or inserts? Going up against what seemed like impossible odds adds intrigue and wonder.

Images Sell Stories

Reading about the process and finishing details encourages the reader to say, “I want to see it!” Showing off the after pictures satisfies curiosity and illustrates results.

Voices Narrate Views

To hear all perspectives, the client agreed to let us interview six people via phone and email. The resulting content took up far more room and space than what was needed for a release. Now, each person interviewed has a copy of their comments, which honors their place in the process. And, when reporters call, they have a selection of quotes to use.

How do you measure your news release success?

Image courtesy of Drury Design Kitchen and Bath Studio custom kitchen blog.

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