2010 in Review: Right Moves and Wrong Turns

Hey, where did you go this year? Before 2010 closes out – and that time is fast approaching – why not capture your personal 2010 review. Today I’m sharing my highlights: some accomplishments, a postcard and even a few wrong turns.

Destination: Paris

When my husband said I go could go anywhere for our anniversary, I picked Paris. On my list since I was a teenager in Monsieur Gloss’ French class, I got to take my dream trip. I packed a brand new iPhone and stayed in a room with a Mac, but unplugged from social media completely. This picture of me at Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors got more comments than another Facebook profile picture I’ve posted.

Published – in a Book!

Technically, this wasn’t the first time that my work appeared in a real book. But, this was the first time I was asked to be a contributor. Thanks so much to Mitch Meyerson for squeezing me and my LinkedIn chapter into “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars.”

Turning 20 – again!

Yes, you can go back and celebrate. This time, it’s back to 20 years since I started my business. Named after my mother and grandmother, CoryWest Media, LLC is my creative zone and client business development center. Thanks to all of our clients for sticking with me and following me onto the social media scene.

Social Media Club Chicago

If you want to meet the most sparkling, friendly and social people in Chicago, Social Media Club Chicago is the place to go. Meeting monthly, the club capped off a fabulous year with an incredible Mad Men party. Who’s shaking this mix? Almost 2500 Facebook friends and board members:

White Sox Boxes and Bacon

When the final opportunity to sit in a White Sox box over the summer came up, I let someone else take my seat. Thanks so much to the team for asking me to eat, drink and tweet! One of the appearances was thanks to Hope Bertram, who also invited me to cook at Le Cordon Bleu school in Chicago where it took three chefs to teach me how to properly cook bacon.

Technical Acquisitions

After buying a Canon TI, did I really need another new camera this year? When Daniel Honigman of Sears Electronics invited me to a blogger digital camera review meetup, I immediately said yes. More intrigued by the group review concept than the prospect of taking home a pocket-sized camera, I’ve found that the Samsung ST600, a petite point and shoot, is always handy and ready to take great pictures.

Blogging for Brands

Full disclosure: Brands that invite me to events may be thanked and mentioned here and via my social networks. In 2010, the list included companies at bloggers and brand events; a ladies night in and a book tour.

The Year of Mark

When I wrote a preview of the movie “The Social Network,” the post attracted attention from a reporter for Germany’s FAZ who wanted to know how the movie would affect the brand. Earlier in the year, Natalie Martinez of NBC 5, interviewed me for a story about schools and Facebook. Where would we be without Mark?

Conferences and Circuits

Either speaking at covering conferences continued to be fun this year. I traveled to Las Vegas for BlogWorld and to Milwaukee to speak at UnGeeked Elite. All the other conferences were in Chicago – yay!

Mom Notes

Adding to the 2011 resolution list is a renewed commitment to write from a more personal perspective. In 2010, I wrote a few posts and enjoyed being part of the IRL mom blogger scene where the women are real, smart writers and passionate moms.

Wrong Turn One

Confession: I stopped sending my weekly email newsletter in October. Intending to consolidate two distribution systems and upgrade my delivery, I added on a third email system that complicated everything. I really, truly miss chatting personally every week. Reconnecting is a major 2011 resolution. I may go to a more in-depth monthly issue.

Wrong Turn Two

I like to teach and help people find their way. It’s so fulfilling to give people the knowledge and encouragement they need. But, I don’t do it – enough. In late December, I got invited to be a guest teacher. I walked out feeling like I’d really done something. Why? Because the class was filled with people ready to make things happen.

Wrong Turn Three

Not sharing or listening enough and just grazing and gazing, I’ll admit that sometimes I tune into social media for entertainment, not engagement.

How about you?
What did you make happen in 2010?

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