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Instant Replay PR: Get Multiple Uses Out of One Release

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Why write one release when you can take the same story and re-release it over and over again?

Here’s how to take a standard evergreen release and repackage it multiple times for major impact. Using a basic PR pattern allows you to reinvent your news and keep it fresh.

Tell an Evergreen Story

Once you write out who, what, when, where, why for each audience, go back and highlight the most important feature for them. Look for timeless stories that can be easily tied into today’s news. Use this chart to get started.












Search Engines


Choose Categories

How do you categorize your message? Knowing where to put your news helps you be in the right place every time. It’s okay to be in more than one category, but probably not in the same release or article. Set up interchangeable components to personalize your message for each category.

Track Results

After testing out your system, you’ll be able to see which audience in which categories works best. Stick with these and keep going.


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