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Press Release Template – 35 Essential Elements for a News – worthy Release

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Recently, a new client prospect asked me what goes into writing a press release. When I wrote down all of my ingredients, I was surprised. You can see how much planning goes into one campaign. The good news is that once you set up your template, you can go back to it again and again. Use this list to set up your own campaign.

  1. Headline – between 80 and 170 characters
  2. Keywords – selected to match your search engine optimization goals
  3. Subhead – two to three sentences that summarize your release with a call to action
  4. Opening – compelling lead sentence
  5. Body Copy – 5 paragraphs: intro, point 1, point 2, point 3
  6. Quotes – from you and a client/industry resource
  7. Links – use anchor text links to your site
  8. Contact Information – give phone number, site and email
  9. Image[s] – select a flattering portrait, not a quick mug shot
  10. Logo – upload only if the image supports your story or the brand
  11. Tags – how do you want bloggers to find you?
  12. Landing Page – where you want the readers to go after they see your release
  13. Data Capture – how will you measure stats? Some distributors do this for you
  14. Incentive – what do they get – a free report, more information?
  15. Pitch – what’s the hook for someone who will write about your story – what makes it interesting to their readers?
  16. Features – what makes your news news?
  17. Benefits – how do your features benefit the reader?
  18. Who – is your target audience and why do they need to know about you?
  19. What – is it that you’re tying into – a news story, industry stats, trends?
  20. When – is this is an event is there anyway you can make the story more evergreen?
  21. Where – is location important to you – local businesses may prefer local coverage
  22. Why – is this information relevant to your reader? Do the “so what?” test.
  23. Markets – segment by interest, industry and geography as well as point of purchase
  24. Distribution channels – traditional, online, blogs, your customers
  25. Media Attachments – images, documents, videos, podcasts
  26. Links – buy a domain name just for the release for optimal branding
  27. Platform – how does this fit into your overall platform approach?
  28. Follow up – what happens when someone contacts you?
  29. Media interviews – what will you say?
  30. Online newsroom – how will you promote the news on your site?
  31. Company background – a brief paragraph about what you or your company does
  32.  Trackbacks – will you accept or monitor trackbacks?
  33. GoogleAlerts – set up automatic messaging
  34. Tracking – how will you track results online?
  35. Clipping – clip out articles in local papers

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