Typepad Versus Word Press

My Typepad blog’s been up and running since this summer. It’s easy to use, I love the stats and I love my layout. So, why am I here?

Because everybody who’s anybody in the Internet marketing world says this is the only place to be. It’s amazing to see how many sites run off of the Word Press platform.

In the interest of marketing science, I’m jumping in as a forward thinker.

Here’s my take so far: Word Press gives you a powerful download to upload to your site. But, if you don’t know how to do that you’re stuck using the free platform.

That’s what I’m using here.

Yes, I can figure out how to upload, but I don’t feel like going through that step right now.

Given the options open on Typepad versus Word Press, I’d go with Type Pad and pay the minimal monthly fee for easy of use that entry to mid-level marketers require.

If you’re advanced or you have a Webmaster, Word Press is the way to go. I may swing over to this camp. Now I’m considering how to pack up and move.

Have some ideas? Share them below -and thanks for reading!

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