SES Chicago and SMC Chicago Event with Sundeep Kapur

ses-chicago-2013If you’re into search and social and you live in Chicago, you’ll want to know about this event . . . plus, you can get a $600 discount with a special SMCChicago code.

Ever year, I look forward to attending SES Chicago to learn about the latest in search, social and tech. This year, I’m excited to hear Sundeep Kapur speak at the SMC Chicago November event. Will you be at SES Chicago?

SES Chicago and SMC Chicago Event with Sundeep Kapur

Here’s the official invitation from Social Media Club Chicago.

Come join us on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 for 3 great events! First we’re going to hear from Sundeep Kapur, after that you can talk with experts at a roundtable, and then network with a few cocktails.

SES is offering Social Media Club Chicago members a $600 discount on SES Chicago all-access and platinum passes! Use code SMCCHI when you register for the event here.

If you can’t attend the paid sessions, feel free to join us in the Expo Hall which is free and will allow you to attend all three of the following events:

3:30 – 4:30pm: Theater Presentation – Speaker Sundeep Kapur @emailyogi, NCR Corp
Maximizing Your Social Outreach & Drive Impactful ROI aka How to become the CMO’s best friend!
Why do cardinals kiss? Do birds that eat bees ever get stung? What weighs more – bird feathers or bird bones? Does intrigue work better than incentive?
Listen to the case study of a small cataloguer who competes with behemoths with a minimal budget, yet maximizing the impact of every communique. Effective social engagement can lead to a direct impact on revenue and a reduction in expenditure. The same lessons from this cataloguer were applied by a large financial institution to completely overhaul their social strategy. Not everyone does things correctly and our third case study will show you how social ego and social impersonation helped bring down a brand’s value.

4:30 – 5:30pm: Roundtable Forum – Meet the Experts
Join us at our “Meet the Experts Roundtable Forum,” where you’ll have the opportunity to learn, network, and share information with your peers and leading industry specialists. With a choice of several roundtable discussions, each focusing on a different key topic and featuring two experts, this session is not to be missed. Simply choose the roundtable most pertinent to you and join the discussion! You can also move freely among roundtables to make sure you get the most out of this session.

5:30 – 6:30pm: Networking Cocktail Reception
Get ready to meet fellow industry colleagues while checking out the latest innovations being showcased on the Expo Hall floor.

Disclosure: I serve on the Social Media Club Chicago board and love inviting people to events every month!

What questions would you have for Sundeep?

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