Twitter IPO Road Show

twitter-ipTwitter is on the road, promoting its IOP launch on November 7. Unlike Facebook’s, the Twitter IPO road show is more “nuts and bolts.”

For most investors, Twitter’s IPO price doesn’t matter.

Are you planning to buy Twitter stock?

Here’s my take; thanks to WDBC public radio for the interview.

Another social media company is going public and it likely won’t be the last. San Francisco-based Twitter used its own messaging system to announce news of a planned IPO. The long anticipated initial public offering has renewed discussions about the true value of social media companies. Facebook notoriously botched its IPO, but its stock price has staged a remarkable comeback this year. Barbara Rozgonyi is the founder of the Chicago Social Media Club. She believes a new wave of social media companies are primed to make an impact on Wall Street. WDCB News Reporter Gary Zidek spoke with Rozgonyi about Twitter’s decision to go public. Source: WDCB Public Radio

Twitter thinks it’s worth $11 billion – what do you think?

Full disclosure: I signed up for twitter on March 17, 2007. Although I see the value in the platform, I’m not as active as I could be. How about you?

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