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Thanks to all of you who offer free lunches or coffee in exchange for “picking my brain.” Now that I’ve changed my diet, fancy lunches are not so appealing. And, I don’t drink coffee anymore. :)  If you really want to know what I think, here are a few free ways, along with one investment option, to find out.

Ever wished you had an on-call marketing consultant, but didn’t think you could find someone who was willing to give you the answers you need to get to increase your visibility, influence and profitability?

So many people are asking if they could “pick my brain” that I’ve decided to let them. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, but for now I’m opening up four 15 minute spots every week. They’re free. They’re first-come. They’re first served. You must be there when I call. You must know that we only have 15 minutes.

Go here to reserve your free time to pick my marketing, PR, social media brain.

Three ways to get answers without getting on the phone.

1. You can search for the answer on my blog. You’ll find over 850 articles here.

But, probably not the answer you’re looking for. Why? You want personal attention. You want a live conversation. You want a real answer.

2. You can ask me a question on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+. Or, right here in the comment box.

But, my answer will be limited by the number of characters I can enter. If you want yes, no or less than three sentences, this option would work.

3. You can find me at an event.

This works, sometimes, but it’s not guaranteed. Especially if it’s at a Social Media Club Chicago event.

What if you want to REALLY pick my brain? Go here to invest in a Sixty Minute Second Opinion Power Session.

Pick My Brain Marketing PR Social Media Consulting

“You gave me exactly what I was looking for – a second opinion on my client’s internet PR plan. You actually added value that I didn’t expect by throwing tangible, concrete and usable marketing ideas into the midst. We got a couple of real actionable, great ideas.” Tom, Business Advisory Services

For the next few weeks, I’m offering a special deal: $197 for one hour of conversation. We can get a lot done in that time. To help you make the most of it, I’ll even send over a business profile outline so that I can review what you want to cover before we get started.

At the 15 minute mark, you decide if you want to continue. If not, that’s okay. All I ask is that you give your favorite charity a $50 donation. You don’t have to send in a receipt, but I do want you to put a value on the time you’ve invested.

When do you need a second opinion? 

Although I infrequently make offers here, people often ask how they can work with me. I like to help people go faster and farther with their business. Sometimes one call is all it takes to get on the right path to profitability. Let me know what’s on you mind.

Image: copyright 2011 Barbara Rozgonyi from the arb in autumn collection

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